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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  July 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs eyewitness news in high- definition. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." it started small and then the wind fanned the flames. more than three dozen cars burn in a bay area car lot. how firefighters believe it got started. holiday heat wave. how the bay area is trying to cool off under the blanket of triple digit temperatures. no rest for the weary after an emotional day in court. the casey anthony murder case goes to the jury tomorrow even though it is a holiday. good evening. the b.a.r.t is closed right now because of a shooting. don knapp has the latest. >> reporter: from what we understand it is a b.a.r.t police officer shot a man with a knife. the man has been taken to san francisco general hospital. we have heard reports that he may be dead. now here is what we understand happened. we understand that from a
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tourist who was standing on the platform waiting for a train to go to san bruno he heard four shots looking to his left where he heard the shots coming from. he ran to the area seeing a man on the ground and saw a man several feet away on the ground. we don't know what the circumstances are. what the man was doing with the knife? but we understand the man has been shot probably by those four shots he heard by a bart police officer. another witness told us two san francisco officers left the bart station in a car. the united nation's plaza near the civic center bart station. one suspect was killed by a bart police officer. a bart police officer left with san francisco police officers. we do not know the circumstances but the suspect apparently had a knife. >> all right. we will keep in touch with you. if events warrant it we will return to you. if not more for our viewers in the morning on early edition.
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another developing story tonight where a plane made an emergency landing on a freeway and struck a car. it touched down on northbound 280 in woodside around 7:15 p.m. tonight. the federal aviation administration says that the plane's left mainlanding gear broke the back window of a mercedes-benz driving on the freeway. the pilot did issue a help request before landing. the ntsb is investigating. nighttime has brought rebelieve from heat in parts of the bay area tonight. don knapp was in oakland earlier which didn't see the triple digits temperatures that areas farther inland saw. >> reporter: only got into the mid-80s in oakland. warm enough to get out of the house and head for lake merit which at least looked cool. >> i went out for some ice cream then i came back when it cooled off. >> reporter: this extended family found some shade. >> what are you guys doing to
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keep cool? >> we are just relaxing and playing some card games. >> reporter: everywhere people were trying to cool around in the bay area. frolicking in raging waters in san jose. fine if you don't mind the crowds. the holiday weekend put lots of people in the pool while others just headed for shade. sending the kids to the pool while family members tossed some meat on a charcoal grill. >> all of the kids were sent to the swimming pool already. when they come back the food will be nice and ready. >> reporter: you hate to say it when everyone is grilling on the 4th of july. trapping bad air including include -- including the
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barbecue. >> if you use a charcoal grill it is important not to use lighter fluid to start it. >> reporter: the rest of the message is use public transit and give the car a rest if you can. but the bad area should have blown away. now the management district has canceled spare the air day for the 4th of july. resorts opened for the weekend. despite the white stuff it is warm there too. in the 80s this afternoon. warm enough skiers at squaw valley were wearing beach gear with their snow boots. don knapp, cbs 5. a scorcher in some areas. erika martinez with the weather. >> 103 for santa rosa today. livermore rather. santa rosa was 102. temperatures very hot.
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cooling down by tomorrow. i've got my extended forecast coming up. but tonight those cooler temperatures are certainly a welcome relief. >> thank you. tonight investigators are trying to determine if fireworks sparked a fire that scorched dozens of cars. the fire broke out this afternoon in south san francisco at a car rental lot on mitchell avenue. linda yee shows us the damage from the lots. >> reporter: 300 cars parked here at this rental car lot. witnesses spotted some of the cars in flames. no one saw how it started but there are strong suspicions. >> there were reports of fireworks but unknown at the time it was actually popping of the vehicles or fireworks. >> reporter: high winds forced firefighters to chase the flames. >> when we arrived we found about 10 yeeks on fire. the wind blowing in the northeast direction that it is was catching the grass underneath the vehicles so it is an unpaved parking lot and
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was catching more vehicles and more vehicles so we were chasing basically a grass fire under vehicles that were catching fire after. >> reporter: 45 cars burned. at one point firefighters evacuated a nearby motel as a precaution. >> the fire had a run on us and us catching up had to spray foam because of the fuel and everything else in there. it gets really slippery. >> reporter: the dry brush is a big problem. hours after the flames were put out the fire is still smoldering under some of the cars. no one was injured. the fire marshal began a meticulous search for evidence. some fireworks debris was started but not where the fire started. investigators say it is highly possible the cause of the fire may remain a mystery. in south san francisco, linda yee cbs. arson suspected. a fund-raiser for the state's
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foster care system. yesterday they found it in cinders. it appears to have been intentionally set. the group says it will build a new stand. more drunkin driving arrests in the bay area. from friday night until yesterday morning highway patrol officers arrested 67 people suspected of driving under the influence. more arrests the same time last independence day weekend. dui arrests are also up state wide. 442 drivers arrested this year compared to 396 last year. no word yet if alcohol was a factor in a car crash that killed a fremont man in richmond this morning. no holiday for the jury in the casey anthony murder trial. tomorrow morning prosecutors will get one last chance to sway jurors threaten a jury will begin deliberations on the case that's rivetted the nation. karen brown is in florida with more on closing arguments. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense spent its final hours in front of the jury trying to
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convince them there is not enough evidence to convict her of murder. >> the reason you don't have that evidence that they are desperately trying to find is because it is an unprovable case. >> reporter: in their closing arguments they tried to discredit the state's charge that the 25-year-old suffocated her 2-year-old daughter caylee by attacking the forensic evidence. then they pointed the finger at anthony's father saying he covered up an accidental drowning. they were not allowed to bring up allegations that he molested his daughter as an explanation of her bizarre behavior because the judge ruled they had failed to prove it. >> i don't think anybody here can justify her actions. but they do not constitute murder. >> reporter: many of the seven women and five men on the jury appeared tired as the day wore on. they have now been sequestered
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for six weeks. prosecutors have already detailed how casey anthony spent the month following caylee's disappearance lying and partying with her new boyfriend. >> we can only hope that the chloroform was used before the tape was applied so that caylee went peacefully. >> reporter: the prosecution claims anthony killed her daughter because she did not want to be a mom. the defense believes she is an imperfect mother who is wrongly accused. soon the jury will decide. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. holiday sales and new shopping incentive. >> 1% on a whole bunch you know you will save money. >> celebrating savings. a tax change that giving shoppers a reason to buy. time to hit the beach and the pools to cool off. what a new survey calls bad summer fashion. the worst speech behavior and most annoying manner at the pool. with the hot weather it might be a good idea to leave the fireworks to the experts but we have a list of places to
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receipt. you probably paid less in sales tax. for most of us, the difference is just a few cents here and there. but as anne makovec shows us: some buy anything this weekend?
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check your receipt. you probably paid less in sales tax. as anne makovec shows us, some shoppers see this as a prime time to buy big. >> seems like a good day to shop for a car. >> why? >> we heard that the sales tax dropped. >> reporter: he is right by 1% on july 1st making this the first weekend to take advantage of the savings. >> it is 1% on a whole bunch that you know you're going to save some money. >> reporter: and many people didn't even know it. >> it is a pretty nice surprise. came at the right time. >> reporter: last week california sales tax was 8.52%. today it is 7.52%. factoring city and county taxes now between 7.25 and 9.75% depending on where you shop. the down side, it is driving the state further into debt losing out on $5 billion this fiscal year alone. >> it is not what you have but it is how you manage what you have. and if you look historically over the years the state has been a very poor manager.
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>> reporter: but this shopper just might be. >> 1% is not an incentive for me enough to go 2, 3, $400 in debt. >> reporter: if you need to buy it anyway it is not a bad deal. >> right. >> how much is this thing? >> $200. >> reporter: so you save $2? >> right. >> reporter: better than nothing. >> and i bought a coke with the $2 i saved. >> reporter: salespeople are keeping their fingers cross. >> hopefully it drives people to come back in and it drives our economy up. >> reporter: depending on where that extra money savings ends up. >> we haven't decided yet. >> i think you'll let her decide. >> i think it is time to take a holiday in mexico. i have been talking about doing that. >> i don't know if we are saving that much money. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs5. >> people who don't follow proper etiquette may set off fireworks at the beach or pool. according to triple advisor 30% think beach goers violate some
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form of manners. one in four say they have asked a stranger to stop behaving badly. what are the worst offenses? number 1 blasting loud music. making the list public intoxication, littering, chair hogging and smoking. even just based on what you wear. 33% say speedos are a no-no for men. skimpy bikinis on women are unacceptable. heading to the beach or pool this 4th of july. it will be plenty hot. >> triple digits for parts of the forecast region inland. etiquette i agree with speedos. here is a look at our highs for today. 103 for livermore. 101 for napa.
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santa rosa your high today. 102. now, walnut creek did max out at 108 degrees so temperatures all around were very warm indeed. fairfield expected low. 60 degrees. we will go ahead and welcome cooler temperatures for tonight because temperatures were very, very hot all around today. for tomorrow mostly sunny to sunny skies. hot inland seeing a temperature range between the low 60s to about 100, 101. sunrise 55:00 2 -- sunrise 5:52. we will see a little bit of remnants there. that was tropical storm arlene. we may see increasing cloud covers by tuesday into wednesday and this low will go ahead and dip down. keep things a bit cooler by tuesday into wednesday. for the rest of the workweek as well. temperatures are definitely going to cool down a bit and that might be welcomed all around. 60 degrees tomorrow. 60s pretty much along the
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coast. 82 union city. fremont 87. brentwood 99 expected high. 70s along the bay. concord 94. walnut creek tomorrow. cooler. 92 degrees. working our way down. santa rosa 90. stinson beach 61 degrees expected high. cooler than we did feel tomorrow. pollen report for trees high as well as grasses. weeds and molds will be low. and as we take a look at our extended forecast we can see here that we are still going to stay a little warm through tuesday. cooling down ever so slightly by wednesday. through the end of the workweek. but, ann, we will take that and then by the end of the week cooler temperatures in store. >> all right. little bit of everything. thank you so much. we will be right back. ,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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station with more on that breaking story of the officer involved shoot we are going back to don knapp now at the civic center bart station with more on that breaking story of the officer- involved shooting. don? >> reporter: the officer, ann, was a bart police officer or maybe two bart police officers who fired at and killed a suspect who was on the platform with a knife. we don't know what the suspect was suspected of doing. we understand there are a couple of different versions of what happened. one person who said he was a witness told us that he heard shots, heard four shots. looked to his left, ran down the platform, saw a man on the ground and a knife not far away. now just a few minutes ago linton johnson, the chief bart spokesman arrived and gave us the official rundown as he has it. here he is. >> at 9:00: -- at 9:33 we got a
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call and our officers responded. at 10:45 two officers arrived at the platform and they saw a person with a knife. a suspect with a knife who ended up being the suspect who was later pronounced dead. 9:46 we got a call that said there were shots fired by our officers and that's when the investigation started. >> reporter: the investigation involves san francisco police department investigating with the bart officers as well as a bart internal investigation. apparently two san francisco police officers left with a bart officer at one point left the area. that's the situation here, ann, at civic center. back to you. >> don, we heard that the civic center bart station had been closed during the incident. any word whether that will open tonight? >> i don't know about tonight, ann. clearly now a homicide investigation. so obviously when there is an investigation like this and particularly when will is a police officer involved those investigations tend to become
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very detailed and lengthy. so i would suspect that station will be closed for quite awhile. >> don knapp in san francisco. thank you very much. >> well, a story that could send shutters through any parent. how a 2-year-old girl survived a plunge from the 10th floor of a highrise. environmental teams are examining damage from an oil i'm kim coyle. coming up tonight on "game day" how the as lefty plans on celebrating his first all-star selection. dany heatley sent packing. why 49ers running back anthony dixon may not be the most talented athlete in the family. all coming up tonight on "game day" right after the news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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river. an exxon-mobil pipeline ruptured friday, spewing about 42-t s of crude environmental teams examining damage from an oil spill at yellowstone river. a mobile pipeline ruptured friday spilling 42,000-gallons of crude oil into montana's famous waterway. crews are trying to minimize damage to the environment. environmental protection agency says only a small amount of the oil will be recovered. the transformers showed off their power at the box office this weekend. >> it is over. i'm sorry but it is over. >> the latest installment of the series "dark of the moon"
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delivered the biggest opening weekend of the year. the box off total is more than $97 million. it also earned about four times the total of the number 2 film "cars 2". this is an incredible story out of china tonight. a 2-year-old little girl fell from a 10th floor balcony and survived. she was caught by a woman standing below. it happened yesterday. the woman says she saw the child dangling from a balcony and when she fell the woman sprinted into place. the impact broke the woman's arm. the child suffered internal injuries but both will be okay. all she could think of was her own baby and she says she didn't hesitate to help. how about this, the mayor of a southern philippines city is flighting for the poor in
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her town. she was the sheriff. after he ignored the demolition of homes. it would remove 270 families from their homes. she asked for a delay because she feared there would be violence if the town was torn down. sheriff was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. we will be right back. ,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way.
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